Remember this photo above fromIron Man? Got it ... now remember where exactly this was in the movie? You don't because this particular scene wasn't included in the theatrical cut, but is included as a deleted scene on the DVD. Access Hollywood has a first look at the scene in question (watch it after the jump), which follows Tony Stark and Pepper Potts to Stark's home in Dubai where he travels to use as a cover before attacking terrorists in the Middle East. Of course, why not throw a party while there ... and in typical Stark fashion, said party is packed with beautiful girls in skimpy bikinis.

At one point, after telling Pepper to cue up the fireworks, Stark takes two girls up to a pimped-out room for a little ... company. On their way up to the room, they pick up a third girl and away we go. Sure, I understand why the scene existed (in order to get Stark, the socialite, from Cali to the Middle East so that Stark, the superhero, could take care of some business), but I also see why it was left on the cutting room floor. Too much playing, too much suave ... too much period. But what do you think?

Iron Man arrives on DVD this September 30. Check out tons of DVD details over here, and the clip after the jump.