Yup, it's still Silly Star Wars Week here on Cinematical (see our previous two posts here and here), and so I'm back with another video that just cracks me up. It's from the Indy Mogul folks, and it's called Attack of the Lightsaber Clone. Essentially, back during the making of Star Wars: A New Hope, special effects dude Marvin Kaufman actually created a real working lightsaber. However, an extra was killed, the studio denied its existence and the thing vanished ... until now.

While I'll agree the ideas here could've been used to create something a tad funnier, I did enjoy more than a few chuckles and so hopefully you will too. Additionally, head on over to Indy Mogul to learn how to create your own working lightsaber ... and just be careful where you point the thing. (Oh, and here's our review of Clone Wars ...)

[Thanks to Mike for sending this my way]