An era is over, and Wadsworth is shouting, shouting, shouting! If you like the classics, you better hold on to your old Clue boards because the BBC reports that the wonderful characters are biting the dust and making way for new, modernized possible murderers. Colonel Mustard is now a football pundit called Jack Mustard. Miss Scarlet is now a movie star called Kasandra Scarlet. Professor Plum is now a video game billionaire called Victor Plum.

This is up on Cinematical because I can't stop imagining how different, and less awesome, the Clue movie would've been if Christopher Lloyd was playing a DS in the corner, if Martin Mull was supposed to be a football dude. It's just wrong. All wrong!

So, in memoriam of a world with libraries, professors, and retro wonder, enjoy this clip of Clue.
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