It's pretty easy to find high school photographs of your favorite stars as they're all over the Internet. However, that's not really the same as buying the actual yearbook the photos are housed in. If you're a Brad Pitt fan, time is running out to scrape your money together and purchase a super-rare piece of Pitt memorabilia. eBay has an auction up for the 1982 Kickapoo Legend Yearbook, which features high school senior Pitt on 12 pages (current bid: $102.50 with one day left).

As an added bonus, there aren't even inscriptions, so you won't have to rue over the fact that someone wrote about study halls right over a pic of the uber famous actor, or be reminded that this isn't your own personal memento. And just think -- what a way to make an impression when asking for an autograph. I imagine it's been many years since he's been asked to sign a yearbook -- especially one with his picture in it!
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