If you were looking for a good way to kill some time at work today, I have just the thing: a fiendish, frustrating puzzle!

The folks at Empire Onlinehave devised a quiz wherein you are asked to identify a movie based only on one letter taken from its poster. The quiz looks like a ransom note -- "CAN YOU GUESS ALL THESE MOVIES FROM JUST THESE LETTERS?" -- and you basically have to recognize the fonts, though in some cases there are other clues, too. That "S" has a period after it ... or is it a bullet hole? The "O" seems to be spotted. Why is there a hand in that "A"?

I didn't think I'd do very well, but I wound up getting a lot of them. (I'd know that "J" anywhere!) It helps that a lot of the films are fairly recent and that none of them are obscure. Many are Oscar-winners and/or box-office champs. Use your powers of recall, your powers of deduction (why is there a quotation mark with the "G"?), and your powers of wasting time on the Internet.