Empire Online has an exclusive new tv spot for RocknRolla -- you would swear you were watching the beginning of Snatch with this bit, but even if it is the typical Guy Ritchie, I'm ok with that. There are movies that I demand innovation in, and then there are comfort films where I know I'm going to have a good time. RocknRolla looks like it may fit that. And frankly, it looks a bit sexier than any of Guy Ritchie's previous outings. I love the little moment between Thandie Newton and Gerard Butler at the end of this one. (Is it that easy to get into Butler's place?)

But remember, readers, this movie is very English and therefore you probably won't understand any of it. I know I don't -- what with their teatime biscuits, bangers and mash, toad-in-a-hole, and warm beer. It's just such an alien culture. We know there's no gangsters there, just jolly chimney sweeps and flying nannies. And we all know Scotsmen only wear kilts and blue paint -- I don't know what this Butler's playing at.

(may) open in a theatre near you on October 31st. I've also embedded the American trailer below, seeing as it hit the wires while I was scribbling notes at the panel. Not that you'll understand such a European thing, anyway.