An Australian artist by the name of Josh McMahon has created some very cool fan art for the Batman universe. Above, check out an image of Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn. While I'm not so sure the actress would do wonders with that role, I think this doctored-up photo is damn pretty to look at ... and it kinda puts me in the mood to see Quinn in the next Batman flick. Over on McMahon's gallery (which includes several other fan-inspired images), he says that, originally, he planned to use this image as an April Fools Joke and team with a bunch of websites to trick the world into believing Kristen Bell had a small cameo in The Dark Knight. All I'll say is that would've been a fun couple of days right there ... We've included three images in the gallery below (larger version of Bell, a sample image from Batman 3 with Marion Cotillard as Catwoman and another with Anne Hathaway as Batgirl), then head on over to McMahon's page to see a whole bunch more.

Whaddya think? Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn? Marion Cotillard as Catwoman?

[via Slashfilm]
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