AppaloosaHang onto your hats -- there's a new lawman in town, and he looks an awful lot like Viggo Mortensen.

In his last two big non-'Lord of the Rings' movies, Viggo Mortensen's played a butt-kicking mobster (or ex-mobster, in the case of 'A History of Violence').

Now he's back on the right side of the law again, rejoining his 'History of Violence' co-star Ed Harris in 'Appaloosa,' an 1880s Western that's directed by Harris and based on the novel by Robert B. Parker.

The two play lawmen whose friendship is tested when they try to bring a murderous rancher (Jeremy Irons, in that deliciously evil mode we love so well) to justice, while at the same time battling for the affections of a widow (Renée Zellweger) who may not be everything she seems.

'Appaloosa' will kick off the fall movie season on September 19. It's probably too much to hope for a naked fight scene ... but we're optimists that way.