"I tend to make an ass out of myself a lot. And so that's kinda the cool thing that comedy has given me -- the ability to laugh at myself." -- Anna Faris

You might not know it yet, and she might not know it yet, but the female answer to Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen and all those, well, dudes, has finally arrived in the form of ... a Playboy bunny? In her latest film The House Bunny, Anna Faris plays a Playboy bunny who's kicked out of the mansion, and, in searching for a new place to crash, stumbles into the dorkiest sorority house on campus and signs up to be their house mother. It's a familiar PG-13 comedy that doesn't exactly re-invent the wheel, but if there's one reason to see the film, it's Faris. Here, at least, she proves there's definitely room for big, female-centric comedies in Hollywood.

Cinematical sat down with Faris earlier this week, where we spoke about her new film, what it's like to be on the cover of Playboy and how, exactly, she went from starring in dramatic theater productions in Seattle to landing the lead role in a little comedy called Scary Movie.

Cinematical: So congrats on landing the cover of Playboy!

Anna Faris: [laughs] Thank you!

Cinematical: What's up with that? Was anyone caught by surprise or freaked out at seeing you on the cover?

AF: Yeah, I thought it was awesome -- it was rad -- and that all my ex-boyfriends would think, ya know ...

Cinematical: They'd be feverishly flipping through the pages thinking your career was over and this was a last ditch effort to do whatever ...

AF: [laughs] Probably ... but yeah, it was great. Ya know, we planned it awhile ago and just wanted it to tie into the film and all that. My parents are pretty conservative, but they were really happy and excited for me. In fact, I'm taking them to the premiere tomorrow, which the party afterwards is at the [Playboy] mansion ... so [laughs] I'm going to try to drag them up there.