Time for yet another remake of a movie you only vaguely remember -- if at all. It's one of the biggest successes of the mega-prolific Larry Cohen's career, but It's Alive DID come out in 1974, and that's, like, ancient to horror fans of a certain age. Yes, it's the movie about a homicidal infant, and sure, it already spawned two sequels of its own (It Lives Again in 1978 and Island of the Alive in 1987... so I guess this makes it high time for the remake route.

The new version stars Bijou Philips and is helmed by Josef Rusnak, he of The Thirteenth Floor and the recent Art of War 2. According to the IMDb, Larry Cohen is still on board as a screenwriter, but he may have had no involvement besides saying OK and collecting a check. The release date (video, no doubt) on this Millennium Films title is still uncertain, but Bloody-D has a rather lengthy promo clip that ... doesn't look half-bad! Check it out here and share your thoughts, gorehounds, especially if you know (and enjoy) the original version.

P.S. You can get the whole "Alive" trilogy on DVD for about 14 bucks.
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