It was almost a year ago when news hit that Jake Gyllenhaal was going to the moon with director Doug Liman. Literally, not the Honeymooners way. Focusing on a private expedition to the moon to create a Lunar colony, the project was set for another rewrite in June. But that was all we heard. Now rumors are bubbling about casting, and if true, we could see a clash of the private and public.

Just Jared
has posted that In Touch insiders have pegged Abbie Cornish as Jake's co-star in the lunar film -- in other words, Jake's current girlfriend Reese Witherspoon's ex-husband Ryan Phillippe's current girlfriend. Oh, those messy Hollywood lives. The insider states: "This is one of those only-in-Hollywood situations. It could work out as long as Reese doesn't visit Jake on the set."

Whatever the potential drama, this would definitely be an interesting casting move for the feature, which is hoping to hit screens in 2010. Cornish has taken on a number of themes over the last few years, from the times of Queen Elizabeth to being a tough Texan girlfriend, so why not add some moon action to the mix? Thoughts?
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