The Halloween series has its own documentary. As does the Psycho series, the Jaws series ... Hell, even Troll 2 has its own documentary. So it's perfectly OK with me if someone wants to pick up a camera, snag a bunch of interviews, and put together a nice, shiny Friday the 13th documentary. And according to Shock, that's precisely what someone is doing.

That person is Daniel Farrands, editor of Peter Bracke's stellar Crystal Lake Memories tome, screenwriter of Halloween 6 and The Girl Next Door, and producer of a DVD documentary for The Amityville Horror. So obviously this guy has the qualifications to produce a Friday the 13th doco. His Name Was Jason will premiere on the Starz channel next February, just in time for the swanky new remake of Friday the 13th. And you can probably expect the Anchor Bay Jason DVD to hit the shelves right around the time that remake hits digital. Along with a new box set from Paramount. You just watch.

Looks like I should head out to L.A. and give Dan a call. I'm like a Jason encyclopedia.
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