We get a lot of videos and stuff sent to us here at Cinematical headquarters, but the one above is certainly one of my favorites so far. Not because it's totally unique or different, but because it's extremely well edited, features a whole bunch of great movies and really spends time to focus on why we love these films and what, exactly, attracts us to them. The video was edited by Cinematical ready Sean Grady, and dammit if the Oscars shouldn't ask this dude to throw together their next montage. As far as titles go, he calls it Matinee Uber-Edit ... and it's truly worth the seven-or-so minutes in length, if only for the righteous Uncle Buck scene thrown in the middle. Sean uses some of our favorite classic movie scores to highlight this visual journey -- check it out above. Trust me, if you're a fanboy-ish movie nerd, you're going to love this thing.

And thanks, Sean, for sending it our way. Keep up the good work dude!