The CliqueIn the world of mean girls, one day you're out ... the next day, you're still out.

So you think the girls of 'Gossip Girl' are catty? Wait until you get a load of the posse in 'The Clique,' based on the series of best-selling novels by Lisi Harrison.

The movie centers on the sweet, unfashionable Claire Lyons, who tries to fit in at her new private school and fails miserably -- stymied as she is by the girls on the ruling Pretty Committee who think she, well, sucks.

If you're a mean girl, you've got four new heroes to root for. If you're one of the rest of us, welcome back to the nightmare of high school! Except in our experience, the popular girls never really learn life lessons about acceptance and kindness and standing up for yourself. We're not bitter at all.

Check out the trailer for 'The Clique,' which comes out on DVD this fall.

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