These days, it's all the new-age rage to be positive -- if we do so, the world will be our oyster! It can often seem a bit annoying, and blameful, but if these lessons were wrapped in the Happy-Go-Lucky package, I don't think they'd be as easy to dismiss. You can see a little of what I'm talking about in the trailer above.

Sally Hawkins stars as Poppy -- a school teacher who is insanely positive -- so much so that you rarely see her as anything but. She does her work, and keeps busy with friends and a variety of physical activities -- from trampolines to flamenco dancing. She doesn't let the little stuff get her down, but she doesn't condemn others for not following her positive path. Well, aside from teasing her antithesis -- her driving instructor named Scott (Eddie Marsan).

This tres cute film has been running around the festivalcircuit, and is headed straight for TIFF next month. Check it out, if you get a chance. Warning: you'll probably feel really silly for all those times you ranted over the little things.

[via The Bad and Ugly]