Just in case you have a heart of stone and weren't taken in by the awesome Ping Pong Playaposter that Erik posted earlier this month (which is to the right), two new clips have hit the web. To refresh your memories -- this is the story of a basketball-loving Asian American who has done everything he can to remove himself from his family's ping pong ways -- until an accident and some jerky ping pongers make him reevaluate things.

First up, over at Coming Soon, C-Dub (Jimmy Tsai) gets introduced to his mom's ping pong class after she gets in a car accident and can't teach. C-Dub is completely not into the thought of spending his time with these tykes, and is none too impressed when he is mistaken for his ping pong champion brother.

Meanwhile, over at MovieWeb, we get to see C-Dub get called out on his questionable behavior. See, to make this whole ping pong class more interesting, he's added betting to the mix, and the one tykes older, cute sister isn't impressed. Unfortunately, poor Free Willy gets blamed.

Ping Pong Playa hits theaters on September 5. In the meantime, check out last year's TIFF interview where Jimmy talks about his ping pong experience, and the review here.