I never would have thought I would see the day that moviegoers and critics would praise the heck out of Jean Claude Van Damme -- unless they were all in the midst of a discussion about awesome crappy martial arts movies from the '80s. But the critical praise has finally come with his work in J.C.V.D. which means that the sucker has to hit screens soon so the rest of us can see what the fuss is about. According to AOL Money, Peace Arch Entertainment bought all the North American rights to the film, with plans to release it shortly after it screens at TIFF. Okay, so the exact date is not set, but the wait for Jean Claude's latest could be as short as a month. Stay tuned! (We'll have a review and mayyybe an interview with the man himself later next month.)

Meanwhile, Cabin in the Woods, which started whipping up buzz back in July, is going to make us wait a little longer. Ace Showbiz reports that MGM has scheduled Drew Goddard's film for an October 23, 2009 release. That'll slide it into theaters a week before Saw VI. Now this is assuming that the production goes according to schedule -- it hasn't started yet and there hasn't been any big casting announcements.
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