Warner Bros. has done the impossible and managed to combine "excess" and "Spartan" into one DVD package. This new three-disc limited edition DVD set hits store shelves on November 18, clearly just in time for Christmas. The set includes a digital copy of the film, all the extra features that previously came on the two-disc set, and To the Hot Gates: A Legend Retold, a brand new documentary that explores the story's journey from graphic novel to the big screen. (Sounds like it still manages to skip over Herodotus!) To sweeten the deal, it comes packaged in a fancy box (decorated with the artwork that I still think should have been the final one-sheet), with a 52-page hardcover art book, a lucite display with a still from the film, and six collectible photo cards.

While this package certainly seems top-notch, chances are (if you're a huge fan of the film) that you've obtained most of this stuff in one way or another. I think the art book is probably just a short version of 300: The Art of the Film, the cards came with the limited edition soundtrack, and the extras were all on that two-disc release. And word has it that an even more elaborate Blu-Ray version is on the way in 2009, boasting BD-Live and Bonus View content. If you're itching for a super package of 300, it might be best to wait for that one. I'm personally holding out for the set that comes with an actual Spartan from the film. With only 300 of them to go around, that's a limited edition worth paying for.

[via DVD Active]