Long-time readers of Cinematical, or those thoroughly entranced in the world of Sean Connery, might know that before the man hit it big, he made a living with odd jobs, from junior horseman to milkman for one pound a week. If you're curious about all that hard work and pre-Bond life, CNN reports that Mr. Connery has written an autobiography called Being a Scot, which he's launching today in Scotland.

However, you won't get a lot of backstage secrets and celebrity gossip, which I must say is a welcome change in the world of celebrity memoirs and gossip writing. Connery focuses on his beginnings in a two-room home in industrial Edinburgh to his time as a milkman, and discusses "many aspects of Scottish culture and life, including sport, architecture, and of course the gothic tendency in Scots literature" featuring the likes of Robbie Burns and Sir Walter Scott.

Unfortunately, there is no word about when Being a Scot will hit shelves stateside. In the meantime, you can check it out through the UK Amazon site.
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