We all know that the Internet is the birthplace of nasty rumors. It has been proven many times before that bad word of mouth has the power to cripple a flick. But Fox has been fighting back the naysayers and have debunked a rumor that has been gaining speed surrounding James Wong's live-action Dragonball. Rumors had surfaced over at Film Junk last week that the studio was about to pull the plug on their feature film version of the classic anime. The speculation began when Junk received a tip that "the higher-ups at Fox are not too impressed the footage that has been shot thus far, and are seriously debating shutting the whole thing down. -- the movie supposedly has a budget of over $100 million and I can understand them wanting to cut some losses while they still can."

Dragonball stars Justin Chatwin as Goku (a controversial casting choice to say the least), a hero on a quest to find the "mystical Dragonballs" before the evil Lord Piccolo (as played by James Marsters) can get his hands on them. Also starring are Emmy Rossum as Bulma, Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi, and Jamie Chung as Goku's love interest, Chi Chi.

But, for better or for worse, it turns out that it was nothing but a load of nasty innuendo. The official blog for Dragonball has since gotten to the bottom of the whole mess, and according to them, "20th Century Fox states the information reported was false and the film is still scheduled for an April 2009 release." Now, new reports are surfacing that Fox 'loves' what they have seen, and the only reason the release date was pushed back was to ensure enough time for finishing the F/X.

So what do you think? Is Fox's enthusiasm genuine for the much-maligned project, or just damage control gone into overdrive?

Dragonball will hit theaters in April, 2009.
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