The first Demoted wave came in the form of Michael Vartan and David Cross. Both had signed onto the comedy that focuses on a jerky tire sales associate (Vartan) who torments his less-cool colleague (Cross) -- until the downtrodden gets promoted and gives the cool guy a taste of his own medicine. But it looks like Vartan isn't going to be the only jerky one; he's going to revel in the jerkitude with one of our beloved Goonies members.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Sean Astin will team up with Vartan on the Cross torment, and also be demoted to secretary when Cross gets his revenge. Meanwhile, Sara Foster (D.E.B.S.) is signing on to play Astin's wife, "who's tricked into believing he was promoted," while Celia Weston (Dead Man Walking) will pop up as the head secretary. As such, she "inspires the best friends to plot their revenge." So, who will come out on top? Astin and Vartan? Cross? Foster?

Production begins this September in Michigan.
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