While my mother swears that Friday the 13th was responsible for many a nightmare in my six-year-old mind (thanks to sneak viewings at a friend's house), Children of the Corn has always been the flick to make my skin crawl. I don't know why. My memories of the film have faded, but the creepy feeling has never completely gone away. And now the kids are coming back to freak me out some more.

It's not like there haven't been rumors of a Children of the Corn remake for a while now. In 2007, Darren Lynn Bousman was said to be looking into the idea. But now rumors are intermingled with casting choices. According to Beyond Hollywood, It seems that instead of a big-screen version, the Sci-Fi Channel wants to whip up an original movie tapping an anti-Heroes player and a chick straight out of Battlestar Galactica. Should this rumor be true, it means that David Anders would take on Peter Horton's role, while Kandyse McClure would take on Linda Hamilton's.

Could Adam and Officer Anastasia pull it off? Does it bum you out that it won't be on the big screen? Sound off below!
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