In February, Brittany Murphy signed on to star in the noir thriller Across the Hall, and now you can check out a trailer for the film above. It's supposed to be a thriller about a man, his fiancee, and his best friend, and it is, but there are also a whole lot of mixed messages thrown in for good measure.

While the plot seems like your typical love triangle -- girl cheats with lover's best friend, lover chooses to kill best friend and live happily ever after -- there's a whole slew of horror techniques that are either misleading or hinting at some big, supernatural twist. The hotel and the room across the hall are described as if they're filled with ghosts or other ghoulish things, instead of just a jealous fiance. Quick cuts merge with eerie voice-overs, but while some sort of big fright seems right around the corner, it never comes.

It's all a big mystery, but at least it looks interesting. The film is slated to hit theaters February 6, 2009.

[via Ace Showbiz]