Alejandro Martínez over at BlogHogwarts has sent us a bunch of images from the just-released Harry Potter and the Half BloodPrince calender. I know, it's hard to get excited about anything associated with a movie we won't see until July, but a calender can help alleviate your pain by giving you a little dose of Harry Potter all through 2009. Right? Ok, maybe not. You have to hand it to Warner Bros -- of all the franchises to be delayed, none works so well as Harry Potter. It doesn't matter that we don't know the film incarnations of the characters, because we've been living with the Half Blood cast for years on the page. When you think of it that way, all this badly timed merchandise doesn't seem so ridiculous. There's some very cool stills here that I wish was bigger, particularly the troubled Draco Malfoy you can glimpse below. I've enlarged it, but at the cost of the quality -- if someone shells the bucks out for this (I'm looking at you, Emma Watson fans), feel free to send big scans along for your Cinematical friends.

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