And I thought that Star Trek apartment was pretty insane. Our fellow Weblogs site Green Daily has posted about a fully-functional Hobbit house. Talk about uber fandom. I mean, it would've been a feat to just replicate a Hobbit house, but to make it an actual home? That's super-cool and environmentally friendly dedication.

It seems that Wales resident Simon Dale wanted his family to live greener lifestyles and be closer to nature. What else is there to do but envelope yourself in bright green moss, and every little bit of nature? The new home is made from mud and rocks found right there. Solar panels store juice for computers and other electrical needs. Underground air keeps the fridge cool. Water is run, by gravity, from a nearby spring. Their loo contains a compost toilet. And it's damn beautiful inside. Check out the house's details here.

Methinks Guillermo should get this guy to help with the new film. How cool would it be if they just made a real community of Hobbit homes for future residents, rather than making sets to strike down and waste?
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