Sex DriveWhat do you get when you cross an Amish guy, a meathead and a guy dressed as a doughnut?

At first blush, 'Sex Drive' doesn't seem like all that much. In fact, it looks sort of like ... a lot of other broad-minded high-school comedies. You've got the loser (Josh Zuckerman) who gets a girl by pretending to be someone he's not, the meathead older brother (James Marsden), the borrowing of the snazzy car with disastrous consequences, etc. and so forth.

But it's got Seth Green as an Amish guy. And James Marsden being wacky. And a doughnut costume. A funny thing will happen to you when you watch the trailer: You'll laugh. Trust me. Here's an IM exchange I had after watching it for the first time:

me:ok i laughed like three times watching that trailer
A:which part did you laugh at
A:seth green is funny
me:seth green as an amish guy talking about cars
me:and then at the end when the cop tasers the doughnut
A:ha yeah
A:i can't move the other arm!
A:sir, i'm not resisting
me:yeah that part
me:those were the three laughs
me:two for the doughnut and one for seth green
A:ok those are all valid laughs
me:thank you

'Sex Drive' opens in theaters October 17.

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