William Shakespeare left many of his plays appallingly open ended. Look at Malvolio in Twelfth Night -- he storms off, swearing revenge, and no one seems unduly concerned. Don John the Bastard in Much Ado About Nothing is left unpunished until the weddings are over, and probably escaped once his brother's back was turned. All's Well That Ends Well does anything but end well, with Bertram demanding a DNA test of his wife Helena. But even the most bloody and tragic endings have a little bit of wiggle room -- and as this week's Hamlet 2 proves, all you need is a device, Jesus, and a can do attitude! In honor of Sexy Jesus and time machines, here are seven Shakespeare sequels that could make the Bard turn over in his grave. (And who says English Literature degrees are useless?)

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1. Cressida in the City

This sexy sequel to Shakespeare's bitter Trojan satire Troilus and Cressida finds the heroine living the life of a carefree and single Greek woman. She's not unfaithful, she's choosy – and why shouldn't she be when she has her pick of ripped warriors the likes of which 300 hasn't seen? Of course, this being Hollywood, she will eventually realize she loved Troilus all along – and he'll forgive her, buy her a really expensive apartment, and happily fund her addiction to expensive sandals.
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