You think Hilary Swank would have learned her lesson after finding deep love that died way too early and left her with a suspenders scar. You'd also think she might be wary about her involvement in perky fare, since her forays into the genre haven't brought her as much success as her dramatic work. Guess not.

Swank is going nuts scooping up projects to produce and star in. Earlier this month, she was looking at Fat, and now Varietyreports that she wants to backstab her best friend. Along with producing partner Molly Smith she's grabbed Emily Giffin's debut novel, Something Borrowed. Instead of borrowing, say, a hairbrush, she's stealing her friend's man. This potential starring vehicle for the actress focuses on a "Manhattan attorney who becomes involved with her best friend's fiance following her 30th birthday." Yes, her best friend since elementary school. Oh, but before you think she's the only jerk -- the woman realizes she's in love with the man and sick of her manipulative friend. Wait. That's still jerky.

The project is out to writers, and Swank has already practiced one unhappy-lookin face (look to the upper right).
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