Here are some news bites for our long weekend:
  • Ashley Greene has had a whirlwind of press lately, once she signed on to play Alice Cullen in Twilight. Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that she's signed onto an indie thriller called Summer. In it, she'll get another horror-themed family, but much less sexy than well-coifed, blood-sucking vampires. See, she plays a girl looking for the "father she's never known." And while that's always a risky adventure -- you never know what you'll find -- this is even more so because her family is a group of serial killers. The film is currently in production in Ottawa.
  • Meanwhile, Variety reports that CMG has closed deals for Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson's Chemical Wedding. Starz/Anchor Bay are handing distribution in North America for the film that focuses on "the most evil man in Britain," Aleister Crowley. CMG President Edward Noeltner has noted about the big, Iron Maiden fan base eager to see the film, and I have to say -- I'd go see it for the experience. Forget a woman-filled theater of Sex and the City fans. Can you imagine a theater full of Maiden worshippers?
  • And finally, there's some great news for Todd Solondz. As I outlined at the beginning of this year, the indie filmmaker has had some issues funding his work, which was leaving his PeeWee Herman-led Life During Wartime in limbo. But now Variety reports that a new indie production company, Werc Werk Works (yes, that's their name..), will fully finance the part-companion piece to Happiness. On the negative side, it looks like Mr. Reubens might be out of the production. (Variety says he was only rumored.) Whoever ends up starring, it is scheduled to go into production in October.
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