*Warning: Clip contains foul language.*

Only nine years ago, Ron Livingston played the young, fax machine-stealing, disgruntled worker Peter Gibbons in Office Space. Whoever would've thought that less than a decade later, he'd head back to the office to be an aging businessman. Man, Hollywood is tough on age.

Variety reports the Livingston will lead an indie comedy called The Company Men, that Raul Sanchez will direct from his own screenplay. As the star, Ron gets to be "an aging businessman who struggles with a collapsing economy as he tries to save a sinking company." I guess the over-the-hill moniker sticks (Livingston is 41). It'll be interesting to see how this lives up to the cult favorite, and fan expectations. But really, the big question is: Will he use a red Swingline stapler?

Meanwhile, Livingston has a co-starring gig in The Time Traveler's Wife, which hits screens on Christmas Day.
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