To me Coco Chanel is the woman responsible for my grandmother's smell -- the regal Chanel No. 5. To others she's the woman who created the suit unfortunately immortalized by the assassination of John F. Kennedy. And to the younger crowd, she'll soon be that movie character performed by Audrey Tautou in Coco Avant Chanel.

The Amelie actress signed on to the film last year, but then all news stopped and it looked like Coco was going to be stuck in development hell, or at least have to wait a while longer. Now Variety reports that Warner Brothers has signed on to finance the feature and have got a plan all set. Production will start on September 15 in Paris, and should hit screens next year.

The film will still be directed by Anne Fontaine, from the script by Anne, Camille Fontaine, and script consultant Christopher Hampton. Instead of spanning the woman's long and successful life, Tautou will get to delight in Coco's early years. And for you fashion fans out there -- Karl Lagerfeld, the art director of the House of Chanel, is supervising the wardrobe.
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