My Best Friend's GirlHow NOT to win the woman of your dreams.

Sure, every woman says she wants a guy to express his feelings ... but there's expressing your feelings, and then there's, you know, coming off like a pathetic loser.

'My Best Friend's Girl' stars Jason Biggs as Dustin, a guy who's so desperately in love with his new girlfriend Alexis (Kate Hudson) that she runs for the hills. Enter a professional (Dane Cook), whose specialty is taking women on the worst dates of their lives, so that they run straight back into the arms of the guys they dumped.

But in the horribly awkward clip you're about to see, none of those scenarios yet exist in the mind of the blissfully happy Dustin. And judging by the look on Alexis' face, those hills are looking pretty good right about now.

'My Best Friend's Girl' comes out September 19.

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