From Doctor Who and Rod Sterling to Wonder Woman and Godzilla, Illustrator Dave Perillo has been morphing pop culture for a while now. While reading through /film today, I came across a post on his artwork and I had to share. This guy has done it all. Sloth and Chunk. Lando Calrissian. V. Nacho Libre. And the wonderful, ginormous chin of Ash.

If you haven't checked his art out yet, please go to Montygog's Art-O-Rama and check it out. It's really great. That being said, it does leave me with sad-fan nostalgia for Clone High, since a lot of the art looks very similar to the doomed show's animation. And since most of the pics are movie-themed, now I'm thinking of Hollywood High -- a potential show where all of Perillo's characters meet and go to school. From detergent bottles to boomsticks, it'd definitely be an interesting mix.
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