In the earlier part of this decade, Woody Allen seemed to specialize in comedy alone -- 2000's Small Time Crooks, 2001's The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, 2002's Hollywood Ending, 2003's Anything Else -- and then he opted to switch gears after 2005's genre-divided Melinda and Melinda, following that up with dramas Match Point later that year, and both Cassandra's Dream and Vicky Crisitina Barcelona in 2008. (We'll skip 2006's Scoop, since everyone else did.)

Whew. My point is, even with a comedic prospect on the horizon with next year's Whatever Works, now is as good a time as ever to relish this New York Times piece he did in the manner of a production diary on the set of Barcelona. Mind you, only "excerpts" are provided, so instead of botching them all, let me just share one favorite portion:

"JUNE 20 - Barcelona is a marvelous city. Crowds turn out in the streets to watch us work. Mercifully they realize I've no time to give autographs, and so they ask only the cast members..."

See? There's the self-deprecating filmmaker we know and love and moderately miss. I for one will take this as a sign of funnier things to come.

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