There are girls swinging on a red swingset and piles of potluck food piled high on the tables, all nestled into a wood-fence-lined back yard. According to Oliver Stone's W., this is how George W. Bush met Laura Welch -- the girl who says: "I read. I smoke. I admire." No wonder the two ended up together!

The above is a clip about their meeting, which has popped up over at CNN. Now I know that the big question surrounding this film is whether people will go to see it, or ignore it, kind of like the proliferation of Iraq war films out there. I have to say, if W. tanks when it hits screens on October 17, it would be a waste. The film looks entertaining, it has a distinct life to it, and it would be a shame to miss how the killer cast takes on their roles -- Brolin, Banks, Cromwell, Burstyn, Newton, Dreyfuss, Wright, Glenn, Gruffudd, and Bradford.