Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that makes beer pong look like a visit to the dentist's office. Last week we asked you to rock our worlds and come up with your funniest caption for a photo from the new movie Hamlet 2. Needless to say, you delivered all that and then some ...

1. "Since the school won't teach you the theory of evolution, I have decided to teach it through the wonders of interpretive dance." -- Ryan S.

2. "...come on you guys I am very clearly a mailbox, I have never seen a group of people so horrible at charades." -- Dana C.

3. "When hunting rabbits you have to be vewwwy vewwwy quiet!" -- Chris R.

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This week we really have something special for you kids going back to school. And when I say school, I mean college. And when I say college, I mean -- BEER PONG! Oh yes, we're not messing around with this one. (Cinematical is heading back to school in style!) In honor of the new movie College -- about three almost-freshmen who take a weekend trip to visit a prospective college and wind up in wayyy over their heads -- one grand prize winner will stumble away with a sweet beer pong table. And if you don't know what beer pong is, then, well, how in the world do you not know what beer pong is? Dude! Sound off!

Please note that you must be 21 to enter this particular contest. Read the official rules for the contest right here.