Starring the brilliant combination of Viggo Mortensen and Jason Isaacs, Good is in danger of becoming one of those "What the heck ever happened to " films that's been in limbo for too long. Though it's fate is still in doubt (I think it's heading to TIFF 2008), at least we now have a trailer via JoBlo. It has been floating around the Internet for weeks, but never in a working embed -- let's all thank JoBlo for pinning it down.

Based on CP Taylor's play, the story follows John Halder, a literary professor in 1930's Germany, who's book on compassionate euthanasia draws some interest from the new Nazi government. Halder's professional and political career rises, and he continues to make more moral compromises -- much to the dismay of his Jewish friend, Maurice, who suffers at the hands of the regime. It's been a pet project for Isaacs for a few years, and saw numerous actors come and go from the part of Halder. Thankfully, the always-perfect Mortensen stuck. I'm dying to see these two onscreen together in what promises to be an excellent and heartbreaking film. I hope we have an American release date soon.