It's not such a beautiful day in Mr. Jackson's neighborhood.

Of all the actors who could potentially play "Most Intimidating Next Door Neighbor Ever," Samuel L. Jackson has to rank pretty high on the list. So score one for the casting director of 'Lakeview Terrace.' (Still no.1 on that list? The ever-so-creepy Henry Gibson from 'The Burbs.')

In 'Terrace,' Jackson plays a disapproving neighbor who makes life hell for the new interracial couple (Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington) next door. And here's the even stickier thing: Calling the cops is futile, since Jackson is a man-in-blue himself.

In this exclusive clip, Wilson makes the mistakes of a) quoting Rodney King, and b) asking Jackson to "Stay out of my life." And no, unfortunately he does not follow that up with "Why don't ya babe?" Hey, at least if would've lightened the mood.

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