With the DNC (three cheers for my hosting hometown, by the way!), holiday weekends, and hurricanes, there's not much to spin a column out of this week. I spent my holiday overdosing on back issues of Wolverine and Warren Ellis' Astonishing X-Men because oh happy day, I have a comic slot again! My supply line has been cut off for the last year, and as I refuse to pay anyone (even independent publishers) $6.00 to ship a single issue, I've lived in a drought.

In the midst of all this overdosing, I stumbled across this charming article by Brad Meltzer about why he loves Superman. Immediately I thought about what I would answer if posed a similar question by USA Weekend, and realized to my horror that I lacked such a lifelong bond. Everyone knows my favorite hero is the one with the admantium skeleton, but I can't pretend that he's been a lifelong love affair. Why, I never really had a superhero in my childhood. Why not?
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