"Good teacher ... he really seems to care. About what, I have no idea."

Earlier this morning I was Twittering (Tweeteling? Tweeting?) about how much it has to suck for those kids going back to school today. Not sure what the days are in your city or state, but here in New York today marked the first day of school for kids across the city. After a long, hot summer, some kids might look forward to a little structured learning (nerds!), while others simply adore showing up to a new year of school in whatever slick, expensive outfits their parents bought for them last month during that dreaded "We're going to the mall to buy you new clothes and you're going to shut up and like it" sorta trip.

In honor of this glorious time of the year (it'll be alright freshman -- just get through the first couple of weeks, and it's smooth sailing from there), your friends at Cinematical want to share a clip from one of our beloved back to school flicks called, well, Back to School. Chances are you will get at least one nutty teacher this semester (or next), and so in order to feel better about the whole thing, watch Sam Kinison at work here. Guaranteed your teacher ain't half as crazy as this lunatic.

How many days until winter break?