I have something to confess: My name is Erik and ... I do not have an iPhone. [Watches all his friends on Twitter immediately bolt out the door] I know, I know, how can I write for a major blog on the internet and not have an iPhone? Am I against Apple? Do I hate the human race? Did someone beat me over the head repeatedly with an iPhone, scarring me for life, making it so I'll never ever purchase one? No, no and no. I actually think the iPhone is a pretty neat little gadget -- it's just I'm too lazy (and cheap) to switch providers.

But for those who DO have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, well, you can now read Cinematical all you want ... and it's easy, it looks cool and your friends will envy you like crazy. As you can see from the image on the right, we have a specific URL: http://i.cinematical.com/.Yup, so all you have to do is navigate over there while you're out on the streets, iPhoning away. Ain't life grand? Definitely let us know what you think!