... and speaking of pregnant girls ...

I probably don't have to explain this poster too much, since, ya know, all anyone has been talking about for the past couple days is how Governor Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter was knocked up. The Juneau stands, of course, for Juneau, Alaska, which makes this whole thing that much easier to spoof. And how can you not love that tagline ... "A comedy about running for president ...and the bumps along the way." (It's a joke! Lighten up Pubs and enjoy your convention!) The poster, however, is slightly behind the ball -- from what I understand, we do know who the babydaddy is; he has curly hair and looks like every single male lacrosse player I've ever met. They play lacrosse in Alaska? Right on! We here at Cinematical wish these two younger-than-they-should-be parents a long and prosperous life together. (And let us know when we should start blaming the film Juno for this pregnancy. Damn you Hollywood! You done it again!)

Update: Thanks to Goss for pointing us toward two more funny posters, located in the gallery below.

[Thanks Kevin and Goss]
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