Crowe and DiCaprio could be Oscar-worthy cat and mouse.

Long referred to as the 'Untitled Ridley Scott Project,' 'Body of Lies' now has a cool name and an even cooler first trailer.

This post-9/11 action-spy thriller from Scott, who's conquered gritty war before ('Black Hawk Down') and apparently really, really loves working with Russell Crowe (from 'Gladiator' to 'American Gangster,' and even after 'A Good Year'), pits the Aussie actor (as a possibly crooked CIA superior pulling the strings) against Leonardo DiCaprio (as the at-risk agent on the ground).

Whereas most recent terror or war-related movies have been box-office bombs, expect 'Lies' to buck the trend. Maybe because it appeals to both the suspicious eye and the patriotic supporter. But more likely because it's Russell Crowe vs. Leonardo DiCaprio with explosions.