The Green Lantern movie seems to be creeping very slowly to the pre-production line, but at least it isn't dead. You probably remember that we had a tiny update back in June that it was happily shaping up into a proper origin movie, rather than a slapstick version starring Jack Black. Now, courtesy of illustrator Brian Murray, comes concept art he created for scriptwriter (and potential director) Greg Berlanti. This art helped seal the deal, and win the franchise for Berlanti Television. A glance through the gallery below tells you why -- it's exciting and cinematic, the kind of thing your mind starts filling in and speeding up. If this is what is floating around at Warner Bros, Green Lantern could be shaping up to be something on par with Iron Man. But my desperation to talk about another DC character other than Batman may be showing. The diehard Lantern fans may have a different take than I -- is this the look of Hal Jordan to you?

[via Filmonic and Comics2Film]
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