James Marsden: Best awful older brother since Buzz?

Sex comedies never go out of style. What's funnier than a loser teen's pathetic attempts to lose his virginity? (Answer: Besides the latest Judd Apatow comedy, not much.)

As we pointed out in last week's trailer post, the October comedy 'Sex Drive' adds a doughnut costume, a meathead James Marsden, and an Amish Seth Green to the equation.

Even better news for true comedy heads? It's got a nice big fat R-rating, and we've got a nice crude R-rated clip for you to sample to the goods. In it, Marsden's "cocksure" older bro emotionally (and physically) torments our aforementioned loser teen (Josh Zuckerman), expelling his twisted wisdom on "how people wind up gettin' gay."

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