Love Iron Man? Hate cancer? Have a lot of money? (I knew that third one would be the toughie.) If you can answer YES to all three questions, then you just might stand a chance of walking through a scene in Marvel's Iron Man 2. Seems that the Stand Up to Cancer organization (you've probably seen their promo at the movies) is auctioning off one HELL of a slick Iron Man 2 package. And here's what the winner shall receive:

A visit to the set (complete with photo tour), a meet & greet with cast and crew members, a "walk-on / extra" role in the sequel, and two tickets to the world premiere of Iron Man 2. And you'll even get to walk down the red carpet at the world premiere, completely geeked out and feeling justifiably heroic because YOU donated the biggest chunk of change to a powerful new cancer research foundation. It all sounds so great ... but who knows how much this package will go for?

You can see the full details over at, and then you can check out the eBay auction page right here. (As of September 7 the bidding stands at $5,100.) Anyone want to lay a friendly bet on how high this auction will go?

(Thanks to my pal Ed and his Marvel Movies! Facebook page for this win-win news item. To the eventual winner, I say this: Well done, sir. Or madam. Well done.)
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