Since I've gotten away with confessing my relative apathy towards highly regarded horror classics The Shining and Suspiria, it seems perfectly safe for me to go ahead and admit that I've not yet seen Children of the Corn. I know, I know, that one isn't exactly in the same league as those two, but it does hold a reputation in its own right.

Now that a Sci-Fi Channel remake is getting into gear, I'll likely make a greater point of getting around to it (sorry it has to come to that, but call it somewhat of a personal trend). Monika Bartyzel brought up the first round of casting news, and now from Shock Till You Drop comes word that young actor Daniel Newman has been cast in the role of Malachai on the production, which just began filming in Iowa this week.

I'm going to take a stab and guess that an announcement of this singular import means that Newman will be playing the leader of the Children. If I'm wrong, you lot can go on and have your laugh, but if you're familiar with either Stephen King's original short story or the 1984 adapation, then I suspect that you get the idea of this Corn kernel.

Hey, why'd the laughter stop?

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