A few years back, Jamie Kennedy and a few pals decided to make a documentary about the ways in which comedians deal with rude hecklers. But somewhere about halfway through the movie, the guys decided that hecklers weren't all that interesting, and so they chose to set their sights on ... film critics. Debuting on DVD this week, Heckler spends a lot of time arguing about how pointless film critics are ... but then why does the DVD come plastered with quotes like these?

"Hilarious!" -- Variety

"A Must-See!" -- The New York Sun

"Extremely Entertaining" -- Film Threat

...and my favorite: "Insightful" -- Cinematical.com

Now, I'm not trying to bash the film or Jamie Kennedy (and for those who really want my thoughts on the film -- a film in which yours truly is chastised for having the audacity to write a negative movie review -- you can check out this blog post right here), but doesn't this seem just a little bit whole lot hypocritical? If more than half of your movie is dedicated to the idea that film critics are whiny little jerks who should be ignored ... then how can you plaster a bunch of (relatively) positive blurbs onto your DVD cover?

Perhaps Mr. Kennedy could explain this to us, and it's something I mentioned in the earlier blog piece: If, for example, I think Son of the Mask is an atrocious piece of junk, then I'm a clueless fool -- but if I think Heckler is "insightful," then somehow I'm transformed into a genius? Can't have it both ways, Jamie. Having said that, I don't mind throwing a little publicity towards Heckler, mainly because it's not every day I'm verbally abused in a documentary film. I'm more confused than offended, frankly, because I've been pretty complimentary towards Kennedy over the years. Even if most of the movies he's in are massive crap-heaps.
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