Under the direction of exec Joe Drake, Lionsgate Films has pretty much walked away from the type of movies that made its name -- as exemplified by their dumping of the Clive Barker adapatation Midnight Meat Train, and sending an audience friendly movie like Dance of the Dead (that most of us at Cinematicaljust happen to love) straight to DVD. Now Peter Block, the company's former head of acquisitions and co-productions and a veteran producer whose three dozen credits include the aforementioned Midnight Meat Train, has launched a new company to try and fill the gap, according to Variety.

The company, named A Bigger Boat in honor of what Roy Scheider said in Jaws, will begin by making two to three modestly-budgeted (between $10 million and $25 million) genre films per year. Block is currently in the "formative stages" of building the company's initial slate of productions, but Variety says it will "likely" include an unidentified thriller directed by John Carpenter and Dark Corners, a thriller based on a script by E.L. Katz. Katz was one of the writers and producers of last year's Pop Skull.

A Bigger Boat has a co-financing and distribution deal with Overture Films covering North America and another with Alliance Films for the UK, Spain, Italy, and Scandanavia. Block has also made deals with partners, including GreeneStreet Films, for production and other business affairs. All we need now are the movies -- how about some straight ahead, adult-oriented horror, Mr. Block?

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