Frost/NixonRevisit the biggest political scandal of our time -- yes, bigger than Palin's pregnant teenage daughter.

Remember Richard Nixon? Former president, Watergate scandalee, owner of a dog named Checkers ... yeah, THAT guy.

What many people don't remember is that after the Watergate accusations had already been made -- three years after he'd resigned the presidency -- Nixon consented to an extraordinary series of interviews with British talk-show host David Frost.

Nixon thought it'd be a cakewalk. He was wrong.

The Frost/Nixon interviews were turned into a phenomenal play that ran on Broadway in a limited run last year, and won Frank Langella (who played Nixon) a Tony. Now Langella is reprising his role in the film adaptation of 'Frost/Nixon,' which is being directed by Ron Howard and comes out this December.

Not-so-fun fact: Did you know that Frank Langella has never been nominated for an Oscar? Looks like this could be the movie to end his streak.

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